Vripack – A renewed focus on superyacht design

Creative, unconventional, holistic design has always been the calling card of Dutch design firm Vripack. Already the go-to yacht designer for vessels that embrace lightweight materials, environmentally-friendly propulsion systems, and state-of-the art concepts, Vripack has undergone a period of evolution.


Putting even more emphasis on its in-house creative process, it has now unveiled an exciting re-brand that reflects its core design studio pedigree, presented on a brand new digital platform.


By combining new technologies with artisanal craftsmanship, the Vripack DNA is to produce yachts that are comfortable, durable, spacious and safe, and encompass an owner’s joie de vivre. Undoubtedly made stronger through its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience, it is the artistic foresight that is present throughout Vripack’s multidisciplinary team that gives the design studio the leading edge.


Now, with its creative directors Marnix Hoekstra and Bart Bouwhuis taking a step closer to the drawing board, it ushers in a new era of inspired collaboration to create yachts of the future, for the here and now.


Or in the words of co-creative director, Marnix J. Hoekstra; “Through our ability to create immensely desirable yachts that are renowned for their safety and durability, and light elegant and comfortable interiors, our clients are recognising Vripack as one of the world’s most sought after yacht design studios.”


“Our integrated teams employ a holistic approach that combines ingenious naval architecture and engineering, with creative and beautiful design. The result for the owner is the best possible boat, given their individual brief and budget,” says Bart M. Bouwhuis, co-creative director.


Whether it’s a 100m yacht or a day boat, a ground-breaking concept or expedition yacht, our extensive portfolio of inspired designs is showcased on this newly launched redesigned website. The site is a visual embodiment of our company’s evolution, this digital platform – which gives access to some of our concepts, team insights, latest deliveries and design innovations – is a window onto the collaborative world of Vripack, as a brand, a team, and a design studio for owners,” Bouwhuis and Hoekstra conclude together.