The hull n.3 of the T4 Seanfinity Yachts series, designed by Gianluca Caputi, was recently delivered to United States. This sale, which occurred in less than 12 months after the presentation of the project, confirms the immediate success that the Seanfinity proposal has gained from start in the overflowing segment of the 40’- 50’ tenders/ weekend boats.


The choice to aim at the “augmented” boat in the highest sense of the term, with its technological devices and multiplication of spaces and functions, has rewarded the ambitions of the yard which, thanks to this new model, is boasting exceptional technical ductility and production capacity.

The Seanfinity T4 Quad model, bound to cruise in the Miami and Bahamas waters, it’s equipped with n.4, 400 HP outboard engines of the 400R Mercury Verado model. Thanks to the superior marine characteristics of the deep “V” hull with 23 of deadrise, this craft is capable of outstanding performance even when reaching 65mph of maximum speed.


The model with the outboard propulsion, supports the previous units already produced with inboards engines coupled with TOP SYSTEM SURFACE DRIVE and its complete range available on the market today.

Thanks to the adoption of the outboards, widely prevalent in United States, and due to a hull immersion of 85 cm ( 33.46 inches), this craft is the ideal means to cruise around with ease in the shallow waters between the beaches of the Caribbean islands.


With the unique system of hydraulically opening side terraces, allowing to reach the considerable width of 5,48 mt. ( 17.98 ft), Seanfinity T4 compensates to the space lost for the housing of the outboard engines on the swim platform, adding a total of 6 mq ( 64.58 sqft) on the two sides. This results is an additional area set aside for relaxation in direct contact with the ocean.

Another exclusive device which distinguishes the Seanfinity T4 is the EASYLIFT mounted onboard. Designed for multi-engine installations, patented and produced by TS DRIVE, the EASYLIFT is a device which thanks to the sensors communicating with the electric control unit reading the engine loads, automatically finds the ideal set up of the outboard, ensuring high fuel savings and performance efficiency.


The aforementioned are just some of the peculiar elements that enticed the vessel-owner, making him literally fall in love with the Seanfinity T4, especially after sea-trialing the inboard model in Ibiza. Innovation, technology, design of the exterior stealth, the typical Italian style, the spaces and the quality of the precious interior furnishing, all combined with marine features of the Seanfinity T4 “mean” version, make this craft a sophisticated and an overall unprecedented product for the American market accustomed to more basic and conventional central console models.


The Seanfinity T4 will be officially presented to the public at the 2020 Miami Yacht & Boat Show. On this occasion the agreement to represent the Seanfinity Yachts brand in United States will also be finalized with a prominent American importer and leader in the sector.