Couach to complete new range of Oceanic Hybrid Superyacht and Luxury Day Boats

French yard has always offered finest products with outstanding seaworthiness, which has made the Couach brand famous for 100+ years now. Since 2017, Couach positioning and product lines have drastically evolved. The french builder is evolving its product offering and orientation toward global innovation.


Couach is expanding its range with a new dedicated line of luxury day boats from 11, 13 and 15 meters. The yachts feature a sleek and sporty profile, whilst retaining the versatile deck spaces and the quality realization that the yard is famed for. With this new line, Couach has created a new style. Like their owners, the new Couach day boats are iconoclasts, free of all standards and conventions. Under a semi-serial production with high quality and high throughput, the models have been designed to be stylish, fun and accessible, to enjoy the best moments of life at sea.

“This product line will be integrated durably into our range. It’s our goal, our long-term strategy. These day boats are an innovative and complementary offer to our current range.” Walter CEGIA, Couach CEO.

The yard will exhibit the 11 and 15 meter aflot and will unveil the new complementary 13 meter design exclusively in 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival. The yacht will be extremely versatile and surprising in its use.


Revolutionary concept launched by 2017, the innovative Couach eco-friendly superyacht is now available for sale, as the 4200 LOUNGE.

In a rapidly changing market, Couach aims to be positioned as a leader in energy transition. We want to innovate, to identify, develop and launch tomorrow’s solutions to be a precursor of what will become GRP vessels standards. We believe in Couach something really needs to get done to preserve our planet, its wildlife, and frankly our children. With the Lounge product, we have created a solution that Couach is the only one to propose. Its hybrid technology will change the market. Couach has created a true new electrical architecture and a new motorization’s yacht program.

This 42-meter Couach is « crossover » yacht, is as comfortable at seas as in the oceans, and creates a unique living experience, a symbiosis relationship to the sea that all sea lovers and navigators will 2 appreciate. The design stays focused on the guests’ experience onboard, and the lifestyle that accompanies it. A yacht without limits, both in terms of its cruising capabilities and how life is experienced with an inside-outside approach. A true reflection of the owner’s life ashore transposed to

the unique marine environment. Couach is planning to deliver the yacht by season 2020.