Kross Studio – a 100 % swiss label, manufacture and design studio.

Located in the town of Gland, near the Leman Lake, Kross Studio’s manufacture

is notably equipped with CNC machines of the latest generation. This modern infrastructure enables a total verticalization of internal processes from design to


The founders of Kross Studio are five passionate people cumulating 80 years of experience, whose ambition is to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary ones.

Kross Studio’s creations are made in materials chosen for their performance

and premium quality, using innovative techniques. Each detail has been meticulously thought-about from its development to finishing touches, meeting both artistic and technical requirements.

“Kross” not only connects to the famous Swiss cross but also refers to the cross symbol used for collaboration. Collaborations actually play a major part in Kross Studio’s philosophy, enabling you to unleash your imagination.

While new collaborations will be announced in the upcoming months, Kross Studio is proud to unveil its partnership with the giant entertainment company Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

The first product born from this collaboration reinterprets a multi- generational symbol of pop culture.

The iconic Tim Burton’s Batmobile is turned into a prestigious desk clock that dresses up the most stylish and design interiors, while achieving an amazing technical performance: a mechanical movement of the highest precision with an unequaled 30-day power reserve.

Beyond the acquisition of a truly unique object, get yourself ready to live incredible experiences and to get carried away in unconventional universes.