Hublot Yacht Heading to Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2019

Hublot is celebrating Scuderia Ferrari’s 90th anniversary and hailing the last Grand Prix of this year’s F1® season by bringing back the exciting Hublot Yacht experience to Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Building on the tremendous success of the thrilling 2017 weekend, the brand will host guests from all around the world on November 29-30 and December 1, aboard a 70m yacht with spectacular views of the circuit and the glistening marina waters. Ambassadors, friends, partners and clients will join Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, and David Tedeschi, Regional Director for Latin America & Caribbean and Middle East & Africa, at the action-packed 3-day celebration.


” As this season’s last Grand Prix coincides with 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari, what better way to honor this milestone than with another unique Hublot experience! The atmosphere at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is always exceptional and we’re looking forward to contributing to it from our Hublot Yacht.” – Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of HUBLOT


The Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary collection was also present to mark the occasion. Launched earlier this year during Baselworld, the three new models illustrate the development of the materials used in car racing over the years. This is a permanent quest of both companies, as illustrated by Hublot’s motto “The Art of Fusion”. It is only through technical and technological research that the two houses have been able to maintain their respective positions in their respective worlds.


The 45mm case of each of the three editions houses the famous UNICO movement, a flyback chronograph that offers a 72-hour power reserve. Their bezel is cut in ceramic carbon, the same material that is used for Formula 1 brake discs.


The first version is inspired by the early years of Scuderia Ferrari and its glorious past. The visible metal parts, the peccary leather from the bucket seats and the brushed look of the dashboard are represented here by the platinum case and the stitched perforated strap. Its dial evokes old-fashioned speedometers with its calendar underlined in yellow.


The 3D carbon used to make the case of the second edition reflects present-day Scuderia Ferrari. Today, research into new composite materials and high-technology are all powerful in competition driving. Its strap is made from Nomex -the fire-resistant synthetic fibre used to make racing driver’s suits- on which the red and black stitching makes a striking contrast. Its colour code is black and red, same as the ones currently used by Scuderia Ferrari for its single-seater F1® cars.


The third model is instantly recognisable by its transparent case made from sapphire, an innovative material that is hard to work, giving it a resolutely futuristic style. A promise of innovations that will apply to both car manufacture and watchmaking. Its strap adopts a highly futuristic Kevlar look.


Each version of the Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary watch bears one of the three colours of the Scuderia on its border, the numbers and the index. Yellow for the platinum edition, red for the 3D carbon edition and black for the sapphire edition.


Stay tuned for more news about the Hublot Yacht throughout the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand PrixTM 2019 weekend!