As a tribute to Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and inspiring development, Hublot and Saudi partners Attar United came together to create a watch that highlights the Kingdom’s duality through the Art of Fusion: The Classic Fusion Saudi Arabia National Day 2021.

We are truly delighted to honor Saudi Arabia through one of our iconic watches, the Classic Fusion. For this first piece inspired by the Kingdom, we wanted to bring together Hublot’s exclusive savoir-faire and the country’s characteristic essence. The final result is a timeless watch that adapts to all moods, allowing the person who wears it to be chic and trendy on all occasions.” – Ricardo Guadalupe HUBLOT CEO

We are happy and honored to unveil with our partner, Hublot, this special edition launch consecrated to our great country. We are confident that the Saudi Hublotistas will feel as proud to wear this unique piece as we felt creating it.” – Mohammed Attar Managing Director – Attar United

The expression of elegance through watchmaking art 

Recently, Saudi Arabia has embarked in one of the most inspiring and monumental development journey the world has ever witnessed. While anticipating the future, the Kingdom has preserved its strong heritage, building a visionary world while combining tradition and evolution. 

Similarly, since its creation, Hublot has always had at heart to free luxury from the established codes and define its own identity, continuously working around the brand’s heritage, visionary creativity and one of a kind savoir-faire. By reinventing classic pieces with modern innovations, Hublot creates contemporary timepieces that are valued across generations, highlighting the principle of fusion between craftsmanship and modernity. 

Born from the creative alchemy of Saudi Arabia’s stateliness and Hublot’s expertise, this limited edition Classic Fusion Saudi Arabia National Day 2021 is an ode to classiness. Made of a 45mm black ceramic case and a mat green dial, the watch stands out not only thanks to its color, but also to the material chosen for it: ceramic. The signature material from Hublot, has a built-in scratch-resistance and an incredible durability. It is robust yet almost weightless and benefits from great comfort against the skin. 

The straps are the signature of Hublot’s know-how as rubber has emerged as one of its flagship materials and an emblem of its modern approach to watchmaking. Written into Hublot’s DNA, materials are essential attributes of the watches, for their aesthetic qualities and their resistance to scratches and ageing. Available in lined green and in camouflage, the straps are key elements of the timepiece and a tribute to Saudi Arabia’s cultural versatility. 

Celebrating the Kingdom’s 91st National Day, this unique creation will be limited to 91 exclusive pieces.