“The project shows a level of professional maturity, completeness and originality in compositional aspects and detailed solutions.” With this explanation the 13th MYDA – Millennium Yacht Design Award panel, within the Carrara 2016 Seatec, awarded PC DESIGN for the M/Y “ITALIA” project, in the Beginners category, New Projects sections.

The studio, founded in 2014 by the designers Matteo Cappellazzo and Mattia Piro, with years of experience and a relevant academic background, is specialized in luxury yacht and interior design but also deals with commercial and professional vessels and ships, residential and architectural interior design, product design for custom and unique creations.

“ITALIA” is an exclusive 25 m sport boat whose name is a homage to Made in Italy and Italy itself, international reference for design, style and fashion. This hyper yacht merges high performances with the fascination of a masterpiece: able to exceed the limit of 50 knots, at the same time it offers luxurious and refined interiors, combining engineering and science, aesthetics and art. The most significant peculiarities are the forwarding to the bow of the superstructure, the wide main deck – cockpit with windows on the engine roomand the high technology level of the onboard equipments.

«The future is here because “ITALIA” is the future.» – MattiaPiro, co-founder and chief designer of PCDESIGN, explains – «”ITALIA” is special because it is new and different, not in the form, but in the solution, with the consequent deriving advantages.».

«We are very happy and proud of this award» – Matteo Cappellazzo, co-founder and chief designer of PC DESIGN, says – «and we are now looking for an owner for this one-of-a-kind boat.».