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Dominator Ilumen – Spotlight on the UAE

Dominator Ilumen – Spotlight on the UAE

After a very successful week at the Dubai International Boatshow, Dominator Yachts draws only one conclusion:

Dominator Ilumen, blending the most unique and innovative exterior design with advanced technology and master interior craftsmanship, perfectly fulfills the demands of the GCC market: an unprecedented usage of space and light through high ceilings, a voluminous interior and an exceptional master cabin on the main deck.


With Dominator’s bespoke philosophy and the boutique shipyard approach, every masterpiece can be easily adapted to any local taste and requirement. An Ilumen owner can be sure that there will be no other yacht in the water that looks the same – a uniqueness that can usually only be guaranteed to owners of mega yachts.

The creation of an Ilumen involves passion, emotions and time – it’s not for everyone but for anyone who understands that uniqueness comes only through dedication.


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