The Wulu Diamond – Spirit of Luck and Protection

A dazzling new collection of diamond necklaces marks the completion of a quest on which Qeelin Creative Director Dennis Chan and his talented team of fine jewelers embarked a decade ago – to find a way of cutting diamonds shaped to the contours of the house’s modern classic Wulu design.

“This is a culmination of ten years of the spirit of Qeelin,” says Chan. “We have been a long and painstaking journey, and we worked our way through a lot of diamonds before finally arriving at the right cut.”

The exquisite new necklaces however more than justify all the investment and hard work. Priced according to the size and weight of the individual centre stones, each 18k white gold necklace features a GIA certified D, E or F color Wulu cut diamond of at least 1 carat, specially laser inscribed with “Wulu diamond” to certify the uniqueness of the stone.

According to Chan, the Wulu diamond was a long cherished dream because of the special importance the design has in Qeelin’s history.

“Wulu was Qeelin’s first design in 2004, and has become an icon. In Chinese culture the Hulu gourd with its figure of 8 shape, from which the inspiration for Wulu came, is a symbol of protection, safety and permanence. The diamond symbolizes everlasting love, and we wanted to merge the two symbols of eternity,” says Chan.

The Wulu contours however are considerably different to those of ay of the classic diamond shapes. There were many obstacle to overcome before the ideal cut could be achieved, but Chan and his team were determined to achieve their goal.

“Finding the right cut required a very high level of skilled craftsmanship. The diamond had to be shaped to look like a Wulu and yet be correctly cut for optimum reflection. Each facet demands the closest detailed attention to produce the full desired effect. In the end found a way to do it,” says Chan.

Because of the association of both Wulu and diamonds with eternity, these exquisite necklaces are appropriate gifts to express undying devotion to the special one in your life.