Davidoff proudly reveals the Limited Edition “Robusto Intenso”.

Davidoff pursues its mission to fill time beautifully by creating the best and most innovative experiences imaginable. The leading premium cigar maker reveals the limited edition “Robusto Intenso” crafted with six perfectly blended tobaccos aged for up to seven years. First achieved in 2005 six of the finest elements shaped into a unique, harmonious form by the Davidoff master blenders.


“In the year 2005 Davidoff’s Master Blenders delivered on a pioneering challenge true to our founder Zino Davidoff: to create a cigar experience that is intense and complex, yet also exhilarant and smooth. For this task, they had masterfully achieved to blend tobaccos from five different regions of the Dominican Republic with an Ecuadorian wrapper and created the famed and highly decorated Robusto Intenso. We are honored to give aficionados the pleasure to enjoy this icon of the art of blending again after almost 15 years of waiting,” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “Not only being able to have the complete blend history of our cigars but also the ability to recreate iconic blends from our vintage tobacco stocks is one of our core  differences that aficionados worldwide value highly with our brand and company,” he continues.


Rewarded with the highest accolades from key industry publications for its original release, the Robusto Intenso is sure to delight aficionados in 2020 as well. The cigar is released within Davidoff’s Vintage Blend series of cigars.


A new vintage blend from Davidoff crafted with tobaccos aged for up to seven years that delights in taste and refinement. A credential which discerning aficionados are sure to find in Davidoff’s iconic Signature, Grand Cru, Aniversario and Millennium lines.

The Robusto Intenso Habano wrapper from Ecuador, grown exclusively for Davidoff in small quantities delivers a spicy yet creamy taste that emerges during the elaborate double fermentation and aging process. By adding the Dominican San Vincente binder leaf aged over four years and Dominican filler tobaccos aged up to seven years, Davidoff has opened its deep vault of tobaccos to unveil a true sensation of taste. The aging of tobaccos for up to seven years results in a deep complexity, balanced intensity and a sophisticated taste journey, making this cigar experience second to none.


The cigars are presented in beautiful boxes of ten Robusto cigars, and boxes of five cigars available exclusively in Global Travel Retail featuring a natural wood design and an icon highlighting the vintage cigar’s blend.




702 Habano Ecuador


San Vicente Seco from the Dominican Republic


Semilla 254 Visus, Piloto Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Ligero and Yamasa Visus from the Dominican Republic



Robusto 52 x 5 1/8“


The RG 52×5 1/8″ Robusto format promises an enjoyment time of 45 minutes.


Launch & Availability

FromSeptember 2020*, the Robusto IntensoLimited Edition cigars will be available at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants, Flagship Stores and Global Travel Retail locations.


*Launch dates may vary depending on country.