Serenity National Recycling Day

Waste prevention and recycling are important practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—which are the cause of climate change. In honor of National Recycling Day today, Serenity Yachts is continuing to reduce the yachting industry’s carbon footprint with its solar-powered vessels.


Serenity Yachts’ next generation of vessels are not only green, but performance-driven and are made with today’s modern sea traveler in mind. While luxury has always played a large role in yacht design, green technology has historically lagged behind in the industry – until now.


Recycling benefits the environment in a number of ways. Recycling helps protect the environment and keep wildlife safe by reducing the amount of trash and pollution that end up in our waters.


One of the biggest impacts that recycling has on the ocean is that it

reduces the amount of plastic that goes into landfills or makes its way to the

ocean by various means.


A few other benefits of recycling include:

·      Reduces Climate Change

·      Lowers Ocean Acidification

·      Helps Protect Wildlife

·      Decreases Petroleum Use


Serenity Yachts strives to eliminate dependency on fossil fuel and is committed to building yachts that stand the test of time. Each part of the yacht ― from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic fly bridge ― is designed to maximize efficiency and performance. Every yacht that Serenity builds is fully customizable. Serenity’s shipbuilders are artisans and seasoned masters of their craft.


Serenity Yachts believes the future of yachting is in solar technology and wants to show the world that yachting can be sustainable. Today and every day, Serenity Yachts encourages you to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle, and protect our climate and wildlife.


The Serenity 64 offers 65 square meters of SunPower® solar panels and can cruise indefinitely at 4-6 knots while still providing power to the onboard amenities. The vessel features a combined galley and saloon on the main deck, four VIP cabins each with its own en-suite bathroom one crew cabin, and a hydraulic flybridge.

Other layouts are available.


The Serenity 74 offers 110 square meters of SunPower® solar panels and has the ability to cruise endlessly at 7–9 knots while still powering the onboard amenities. The ideal yacht for luxurious onboard living or chartering, it features a combined galley and saloon on the main deck, four VIP cabins (each cabin with an en-suite bathroom) and two additional cabins and baths in the forepeaks that can be configured for family or crew.

Other layouts are available.