Wajer provides tender fleet for the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team during the Monaco Grand Prix, led by its flagship the Wajer 55. With the most prestigious of Formula 1 races, Wajer has chosen a fitting backdrop to show its flagship to the world. With its performance, impeccable handling and stunning looks, the parallels with the speed machines taking over the streets of the Principality are manifold.


Wajer CEO Dries Wajer: “I can’t wait to welcome the drivers and their guests on board. I’m hoping to take everyone out for a hot lap on the 55 and convince them of its performance. For that I’ll probably just let the three 480 bhp engines do most of the talking. Because there’s nothing I can say that a smooth 40-knot ride can’t say better.“


For this exclusive partnership, Wajer deploys a total of six yachts at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix, including the Wajer 55, 38 and 38 S. – all wrapped in the striking Aston Martin Red Bull Racing colours.