Nautique Yachting: New app launched

Founded by experienced yachtsman and salesman Mr. OnurErardag who continues to carry the flag of generations in a family of seaman, Nautique Yachting for the past 10 years has been thoroughly concentrating to provide its customers and members, their dreams and joys.

To connect one with their passion of luxury and sea has not been an easy journey, but has most certainly been a proud and joyful one.

What makes us proud of what we do is the smile of our clients. During these past 10 years we have worked hard to maintain a trustworthy environment as well as a loyal customer relationship and database, on to ensure growing further together with them and the market demands.

Coming from generations of yachting backgrounds, we have been able to supply our clients with their demands and backed it up with our know-how and engineering education. Through this know how and hard work we have ensured a high sum of select clients and have managed to acquire their everlasting loyalty.

We are proud to say that Nautique Yachting is the brokerage leading company in Turkey, backed up with our İtalian and American partners, delivering a wide range of yacht sizes, specializing in the 50-150ft segment and supplying our clients with Dutch, English, İtalian, French and USA brand/built yachts.

Nautique Yachting Brokerage, Central Agency, Chartering and Distributorship (in collaboration with our partners Van Dutch, Zeelander& YachtsİN) is also pleased to inform that as of 2018 we are one of the very few companies Globally that provide:

-Nautique Yachting Iphone/Ipad:

Where you can download directly from Apple Application center and enjoy a full detailed scope and knowledge of our company and our wide range of services and yacht choices, with the addition of having your Brokerage firm always beside you wherever you carry your mobile phone, to show and share with oneself, friends and family.

-Nautique Yachting Apple TV App:

Where you can download directly from Apple Tv Application center and enjoy a full detailed scope and knowledge of our company and or wide range of services and yacht choices. After a hard day work, there is nothing more comfortable then being home and viewing the lifestyle you wish and researching your options whilst planning your dreams and passions..

-Unmatched CRM Infrastructure: wide a huge database of global yachts and their prices, locations and details!

-3D and Drone video shooting yacht display for our clients and Central Agent Contractors.

-Continuous Update of ALL database and news with and newsletters informing our clients of New Opportunities, Price updates & information about the yachting market.

We invest in you, our valuable clients &colleagues to ensure you have a user friendly and comfortable, trusted platform and also continue to stick strong to our mission and continue to grow into being the most trusted yachting brokerage company in Global Standards.