Jacques Pierrejean Presents Gigayacht SULTAN 200M for Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Large scale yacht projects have always been a forté for designerJacques Pierrejean. With over forty years of experience under his belt, he and his Paris-based design firm have made their mark on the industry with the 2016 project YAS, a 141M beauty renowned for its unique use of space, light, and eco-friendly technologies. Following the success of that project, Mr. Pierrejean undertook an even larger scale ambition with LOU + LOU 180M.  Now, ready to scale even larger in size, the company is pleased to present the 200M Gigayacht SULTAN for the occasion of the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show.

Like much of Pierrejean’s inspirations, the shape and form of this vessel is modeled after the organic shape and form of the ocean’s living creatures. “While YAS was created using the shape of the dolphin, I see SULTAN more like the figure of a shark” says Mr. Pierrejean of the project. “With its sharper angles and steely and overpowering presence, this is definitely a vessel to be reckoned with!”

While the project is still in conceptual phase, Mr. Pierrejean is looking for the perfect owner to realize the project and bring it to life. “We are ready to take on another large-scale project following the overwhelming success of YAS” he continues. “I am looking forward to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to showcase this unique project and create interest for moving to the next levels with it.”