Marina d’Arechi – Salerno Port Village

An amazing journey through history, fashion, glamour and landscapes of outstanding beauty; the attractiveness of old traditions and of wilderness will be your traveling companions all along the road. The Marina d’Arechi Salerno Port Village is a window into a multitude of wonderful and renowned iconic destinations of the Italian lifestyle. All within reach, so that you can fully enjoy them in the course of just one day. Before carrying them in your heart forever.

Positano, a beautiful village on the side of a mountain on Amalfitan Coast, is only 14 nautical miles north of the Marina d’Arechi. It has been a holiday resort since the Roman Empire era, as the finding of a villa beneath the church of Santa Maria Assunta shows. The long stairways from the marina to the highest spots of the village will give you the impression of being on a cinematographic set. Along its pebbly alleys you can find many local stores, specialized in the creation of leather sandals and ready-to-wear clothing, characterized by bright colors and flower patterns.

This characteristic little village gives the name to the “moda mare Positano”, symbol of the Italian dolce vita during the summer and not only.

The island of Capri is 24 nautical miles north from the Marina d’Arechi; here the Roman emperor Tiberius had a magnificent summer house on the east side of the island. Walking along the path of Tragara, looking at the small stores, known for creating flowery perfumes, and diving into the clear blue waters in the shadow of the “faraglioni”: these all are moments to experience at least once in a lifetime, and which perfectly explain why this is called the “Bel Paese”. Hollywood stars, political figures, business men, passed along the famous “Piazzetta”, often referred to as the “world’s most glamorous living room”, sipping a tasty coffee in one of its many cafes.

The excavations of Pompeii and Ercolano are just few chilometers far from the Marina d’Arechi. These two villages, dating back to the Roman era, were buried in 79 A.D. beneath more than 5 metres of ash and lapilli, caused by a violent eruption of the Vesuvius. Now these two villages host one of the most suggestive archaeological sites in the world – enough to be UNESCO’s World Heritage Site (since 1997). In Ercolano, the “Miglio d’oro”, the section of Corso Resina which brings to Torre del Greco, is famous for its historic villae all along the road.

And finally, if you just want to enjoy some hours in total relax without any distraction from crowded streets, after having walked through history and glamour, there are extraordinary places all around the Gulf of Salerno. Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Erchie – on the Amalfi Coast – Baia degli Infreschi and Palinuro with its spectacular Grotte Azzurre – on the southern coast – are breath-taking beauties whose magic will surround you in a way you will never forget.