Panerai Straps: Ready for Summer

What’s in a strap? A refreshed new look, character and a quick and simple way to personalize your Panerai watch.


Ever since Panerai first presented its watches to the public in the nineties,  it offered owners great versatility for their prized watch(es) with very simple and quick strap interchangeability to suit their personal preferences.


Panerai customers are able to pick additional straps from a variety of materials including Leather and Rubber, in a wide range of colours and varying buckle styles.


Aligator and calf Leather. Panerai does not use skins coming from fragile or endangered species taken from the wild, in compliance with the CITES regulations.


Aligator Straps


The alligator leather used by Officine Panerai comes from farms in Louisiana, U.S.A. Officine Panerai’s suppliers have committed to the highest standards of responsibility in accordance with the CITES agreement and have given their assurance that such farms in Louisiana contribute to the stable growth of wild alligators, thus protecting this endangered species.


For the alligator straps, Officine Panerai uses the skin-parts with the most even square-scale pattern (TEC = Toutes Écailles Carrées), which are taken from the head, the belly and parts of the tail of the animal. For this reason about 4 to 5 straps can be cut out of one skin on average and it takes up to 80 steps partially carried out by hand to produce an alligator strap.


Rubber Straps


Caoutchouc straps are high-tech products derived from natural rubber, which guarantees the best quality and a long durability.


This makes it the ideal material for straps for sports activities with their invaluable technical properties such as waterresistance, form stability, skin-friendlyness combined with long-lasting comfort when worn. The caoutchouc straps are available in different designs and colours.


Thanks to the characteristic of this material, the rubber straps are particulary suited to the Submersible watches and to watch lovers who prefer timepieces with a more sportive look.


Panerai offers two different version of rubber straps, characterized by a different design.








Textile Straps


Canvas is a synthetic material with a typical linen look. The fabric owes its typical linen structure to its warp and weft-threads, together with a material-specific beige colouring lend this material a sporty classic touch thus making it the perfect companion for the Panerai watches. This material is also reworked to offer customers NATO straps to freshen up the look of their watch.



Metal Bracelets


Panerai offers a selection of metal bracelets available in different materials and designs. Each metal bracelet has been designed to perfectly fit the case of the watch and to guarantee perfect interchangeability between leather, rubber and metal bracelet.

The Panerai metal bracelet can fit only on Luminor and Luminor 1950. Furthermore, because of the different design and construction, not all the metal bracelet are suitable with each case.


To identify the corresponding bracelet reference suitable with each case please refers to the case number of the watch* (Luminor or Luminor 1950 only).

The metal bracelets are available in AISI 316L steel and titanium with different finishing.


Recycled PET Straps


Ecologico is an umbrella concept supported by the employees at Panerai, and it’s one of the pillars of the brand. It is designed to consume less energy in our infrastructures and to develop new products with an environmentally conscious approach. Following this approach Panerai offers straps made of recycled PET, these environment friendly straps are available for several of our models.


Panerai straps are perfectly integrated into the structure of the case and their flexibility and resistance contribute to the overall quality of the watch. Faithful to the codes of the brand, Panerai straps are a perfect blend of unique design, sporting character, and high technical quality with strong water and scratch-resistant properties.


Straps becoming increasingly important, Panerai recently announced the opening of its first worldwide Watch Accessories Room at the Hong Kong Canton Road flagship boutique at the heart of the main luxury shopping district.


Located on the 8th floor of the Panerai Boutique the new Watch Accessories Room is a unique concept devised by Panerai that offers a one-of-kind shopping experiencein acontemporaryyetcozyspacewherewatchaficionadosarewelcomedtodiscoverthe Paneraiuniverse.


Among the materials incorporated into the special room are oak and burnished brass. The distinctive, decorative Torpedo display at the center of the room is a clear reminder of the world of the sea and the glorious past of the brand whose roots are embedded in the history of the Italian Navy.


The wide range of accessories includes up to 670 of straps and bracelets, a full range of buckles, and an interactive strap display. All visitors are invited to mix and match their watch collections with accessories in different colors and materials, exploring the aesthetic and functional potential of Panerai watches.



The new Watch Accessories Room is a testament to Panerai’s craftsmanship and showcases the endless possibilities the brand offers in terms of customization. The detailedtechnicalandaestheticresearch, which marks every step of the creation of a Panerai watch,has been constantly accompanied by equivalent research forthe accessories.