Davidoff Cigars is introducing a revolutionary Travel Humidor

The innovative Travel Humidor from Davidoff was developed with the goal of meeting the needs of cigar aficionados looking to travel with their prized possessions in style. Whether aficionados are catching a plane, crossing a city or climbing a mountain, this must-have accessory offers a refined, practical and protective solution for traveling with cigars. With the aim of creating a Travel Humidor at the service of cigars, Davidoff approached Marcello Bottino, an Italian designer and craftsman, renowned for his exacting technology design standards. This high-tech craftsman is an Italian entrepreneur based in Genoa, Italy, specialised in welding techniques and innovative textile design, who explores new materials and solutions for every project – from backpacks with solar panels to seamless swimwear.

“Many aficionados have been expressing the needs for a more stylish way to travel with their cigars than the practical cigar box. To address this we reinvented the travel humidor in collaboration with Marcello Bottino, an Italian designed and craftsman who helped us engineer this stylish accessory for optimal cigar care. The choice of materials had to be fully compatible with cigars, the technology enabling the humidity to be locked inside the humidor, the protection of the cigars – these are all the challenges we presented to Marcello Bottino. With his never-ending enthusiasm for new technologies, research, development and vision, Marcello has been the perfect partner,” explained Charles Awad, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG.