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Officina Italiana design goes to the autumn shows in style

Officina Italiana design goes to the autumn shows in style

September is a very satisfying month indeed for Officina Italiana Design. An impressive 13 yachts bearing the stamp of the studio founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta will be featured at theend-of-summer shows that usher in the international boat show season each year.

Officina Italiana Design exclusively designs the entire Riva range and that yard will be bringing 9 models to emerge from the Bergamo studio to the Cannes Yachting Festival: the Iseo, the Aquariva Super, the Rivamare (one on the water and a second at the entrance to the show), the 63’ Virtus, the76’ Perseo, the 76’ Bahamas, the 88’ Domino Super and the two latest arrivals unveiled to the international press just last spring, the 56’ Rivale (presented at Sarnico in June) and the 100’Corsaro (which received its world première in Monte Carlo during the F1 Grand Prix). All the a fore mentioned models will also be available for visits at the Monte Carlo Private Preview.

“We are always anxious for each Riva launch to arrive because they are the result of huge dedication,” say studio owners Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta. “We are both happy and proud to develop the link with the longstanding Riva traditions while remaining contemporary and looking to the future. Each new boat is a milestone and takes massive teamwork.”

The Cannes Yachting Festival will also play host to the world preview of example number 1 of the SX88 crossover which is clothed in lines penned by Officina Italiana Design but features interiors by PieroLissoni. The Ligurian yard commissioned OID to collaborate on 6 specific projects and theSX88 will be flanked by the SL86 and the SL78, both of which were also designed by the Bergamo studio.

The SX88, the SL86 and the SL78 can also be visited at the Genoa International Boat Show together with the other models in the Sanlorenzo fleet.

The above mentioned models and two megayachts – a 52-metre (Seven Sins featured at the Monaco Yacht Show) and a 64-metre (in build) – are the product of the design agreement Officina Italiana Design signed with Sanlorenzo and which has now been fully delivered upon.

“It was a great challenge for us to collaborate with a yard like Sanlorenzo,” comment Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta. “It was an intense and very productive period that provided us with enormous stimulus and led us to explore solutions new to yacht design.”

Sergio Beretta and Mauro Micheli will be available for interviews at the end of the press conferences organised by the two yards during the boat shows as well as for one-to-ones by appointment.

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