Absolute’s history speaks

Paola Carini, Administration and Human Resources 

Q: Ms. Carini, your department deals with the company’s financial administration. Absolute differs from many other shipyards in many respects. In your opinion, what makes it unique? 

A: Absolute is an independent, growing business and a successful story of Italian excellence. In the company I deal with administration and human resources, so I know well the link between business and growth, in terms of both financial and human resources. 

Absolute has always relied on its own strengths to become what it is today. The company has experienced consistent, I would say exponential growth, even during the 2008 crisis. I can say that it is the result of considerable efforts by the entire management, which has always focused on achieving high quality standards and customer satisfaction as its main objective. 

Thanks to commitment and goal pursuit, we have recorded a consistent increase in turnover for many years now and we have achieved significant profits, which have all been reinvested in the company. Absolute has been well-capitalised for some time now and uses its own equity, which gives the company added comfort and soundness. 

Our workforce is also constantly growing, and the company now counts on a team of about 250 people. We are still in the process of increasing employment in various areas within our shipyard, which can accommodate a much larger number of workers to increase production and turnover, without having to use new facilities. 

Q: Tell us about your career in the marine industry and your arrival at Absolute. 

A: I started working in the boating industry almost by chance when I was young. I instantly fell in love with it because it is a field where you can be both creative and concrete. In my career, I have had the opportunity to be involved in and to take care of all the aspects of a shipyard, from sales to customer care, production planning and material procurement, human resources, administration and management, including marketing. 

After working for Cantieri Nautici Gobbi for many years, I happily accepted to join the Absolute shipyard in 2005.

Q: Tell us about the management team. How was it formed and what kind of synergy have you created over the years? 

A: Before joining Absolute, and during the previous work experience we had shared in the past, I had already noticed the expertise and high potential of Sergio Maggi and Marcello Bè. At Absolute their skills have been strengthened and enhanced. 

In the meantime, they had already started working with Patrizia Gobbi, who developed the company’s sales and marketing area. 

When the current, technologically advanced production site was completed, in 2008, the group welcomed Giuseppe Bertocci, who had already worked with us in the past, and who currently coordinates all manufacturing processes related to fibreglass parts. 

The Absolute team has further grown with the addition of Cesare Mastroianni, who worked with Patrizia Gobbi to help our sales network grow and go global, paving the way to new markets, including the United States, where we also opened a subsidiary to better support and meet the needs of American customers. 

Thanks to an even distribution of roles and responsibilities, each manager and each member of the Board of Directors oversees a specific area, but at the same time constantly shares all the work done, medium- and long-term objectives and the results achieved with the other members. 

It is a pleasure to work at Absolute and to represent this team, which I believe should be credited for the company’s overall success and awards, but first, for many satisfied customers who have chosen our boats and continue to do so. 

Q: What does the future hold for the company’s administration? What are your plans? 

Our plans are clearly growing and in the making. We are inspired and encouraged to do better and more every day. For now, there are many ideas in store that will come into being over time. 

Q: Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial approach? 

A: Our goal has always been to establish a company that would be free from external influences or investors. Over the years, we have experienced steady, controlled growth and our investments have always been accurate and aimed at strengthening both production capacity and working comfort, in compliance with all environmental regulations and ensuring the health of our workers.